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Being a Member of the Washington Fire Department Offers Rewards Few Other Things in Life Can Match…

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Be it as a volunteer firefighter or emergency medical technician, few opportunities in life can match the sense of pride that comes from knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of others – something we experience every day!

We, at the Washington Fire Department, always seek people with a strong desire to help others join with us – people with pride and dedication to making the community safer and better. Because our work is so important, we make sure all our firefighters and emergency medical technicians are properly trained and equipped. But as anyone can imagine, this is an unending task that requires time and costs money.

Working alongside our men and women, you may be called upon to save someone’s life at a moment’s notice or assure that those who do are prepared, trained, equipped and ready to do so. We provide the equipment, clothing, insurance, and training.


If being an operational firefighter or EMT isn’t really quite your ‘Cup of Tea’, please know we also need people for other critical jobs that can be extremely rewarding also. From photography & videography, apparatus & equipment repairs, facilities upgrading & maintenance, fire prevention & public education, pre-incident planning, a broad range of administrative duties including researching & implementing technology enhancements to both our operational and administrative duties – everyone can do something!!

In fact, it’s the latter thought that is in sync with the “President’s Call to Service” – a non-partisan initiative addressed in President Bush’s January 2002 State of the Union Address urging each American to give 4,000 hours of service to their neighborhoods, their communities, their nation. Strongly supported by Democrats and Republicans alike, voluntary service is key to the well-being of our society – today just as it’s been since the founding of our country.

When you think about it, in many ways we at the WFD actually operate a business dealing with the same issues faced by large corporations and small businesses alike. Our duties include administration, personnel management, record-keeping, finance, fleet maintenance, insurance, taxes, marketing, strategic planning, quality control, compliance with governmental mandates, managing liability, plus being good stewards of the public trust – and the list goes on.

We offer a wide range of jobs, each of with a high level of job satisfaction. All you need to do is to offer time. The “can-do” members of the WFD will make you feel welcomed, wanted, AND appreciated! If you really want to do something meaningful for your family, friends, and neighbors and are willing to take on challenging work, please call 309-444-4650.

Volunteer with the Washington Fire Department: Ordinary People Providing Extraordinary Service!!

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